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                     Central Relief Committee- Facilities being provided to

Nirashrithara in Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra

             Section 3 of Karnataka Prohibition of Begging Act 1975 prohibits begging in the state of Karnataka. According to Section 11(1) of the Act, any police officer or officer authorized by the Government can arrest those engaged in begging. The beggars will be arrested and action will be taken as per section 11(3,4,5) and will be produced before the Taluk Magistrate and will be placed in refugee relief centers as per his orders. The detention period for beggars/refugees ranges from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years.

          Breakfast and lunch

   As per Rule 32 of Karnataka Prohibition of Begging Act, 1975, Uppittu, Puliyogare, Palau, Pongal, Tomato Bath, Wangeebath, Idli etc. are provided to every Nirashrithara at Bangalore Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra every day. Breakfast and coffee, 2 chapatis each in the afternoon, rice-sambar, buttermilk and rice-sambar meal in the evening are being provided. Palya is supplied every Sunday evening along with the meal from Akshayapatra Foundation organization by paying Rs.69/- per day for each refugee. Chicken eggs three days a week and bananas the rest of the day are provided by the Refugee Relief Centre.
      In the remaining 13 Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra, every nirashrithara is given daily uppittu, avalakki uppittu, chitranna, millet/rice porridge with boiled pulses, etc. Breakfast and coffee, ragi mudde/roti, rice-sambar, buttermilk are served for lunch and dinner. Chicken eggs three days a week and bananas the rest of the day are provided by the Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra.

                                                                        Drinking water system

         24-hour drinking water system has been provided by Bangalore Jalmandali and construction of water purification plant has been done at Bengaluru Refugee Relief Center to provide clean drinking water. A system of water filters has been provided in the rest of the refugee relief centers. Arrangements have been made to install new water purification units and water softener units for all refugee relief centers.

                                                                              Uniform and bed-cover

        Male and female refugees are provided with one set of bed-cover and three sets of uniforms in a year at a cost of Rs.4,626/- for male refugees and Rs.5,795/- for female refugees.


Bed-cover (one set)

For men For women
1 shirt 3 1 Saree 3 1 Jamkhana 1
2 Knickers 3 2 blouse 3 2 Bedsheet 1
3 Towel 3 3 Petticoat 3 3 Mat 1
4 sweater 1 4 Towel 3 4 head pillow 1
      5 sweater 1 5 Pillow cover 1
       6 Sanitary Napkins    6 yoga mat  1
Tooth powder/paste, soap/liquid soap, shampoo, laundry soap, coconut oil, combs are being provided to the refugees for cleanliness.
Dormitories are being cleaned daily with bleaching powder and phenols and cleanliness is given high priority. A washing machine has been installed at the center in Bangalore to wash the clothes of the refugees.

                                                                                                 Medical facility

Two doctors and 06 nurses are working in the Primary Health Care Unit at the Bangalore Refugee Relief Center and the refugees brought to the Refugee Relief Center will be given primary health checkup and treatment. If further medical treatment is required, they are referred to the concerned government hospitals for treatment. Mentally ill people are being given appropriate treatment under the guidance of Nimhans Hospital doctors. Special medicines are being bought and given on doctor's advice. In the rest of the refugee relief centers, medical treatment is also provided in government hospitals on priority basis. 03 nursing staff each for the treatment and supervision of mentally ill refugees and measures are being taken to improve physical/mental health by giving first priority to treatment.


  Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra have installed TVs in dormitories for the entertainment of refugees. Apart from this, on special days various organizations are allowed to conduct entertainment programs like drama, singing etc. Various cultural activities programs are conducted by various organizations in the open air theater with a capacity of about 1200 seats in the premises of Bangalore Refugee Relief Center and the refugees themselves perform songs, dances, dramas, yogasana etc. and T.V. through the projector. Allowed to watch programs. Morning walking yoga/meditation is also being conducted in the rest of the refugee relief centres.

       Training programs:

     The Nirashritharu in the Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra are trained in sewing, agriculture and horticulture, coir mat making, phenol, soap water, bleaching powder to earn their living from the training experience, with the aim of not returning to the begging profession after being released from the centres. , etc. Training is being given in manufacturing of household items, rearing of duck/sheep/cows, paper cover, file wrapper, training for each refugee for 8 hours per day during the training period Rs.75/- for busy refugees and Rs.38/ for less than 08 hours training. Training Allowance/Daily Wages are being given as per Training in Agriculture/Horticulture, File Wrapper, Finial Manufacturing, Animal Husbandry etc. is also being provided in other Refugee Relief Centres. There is a library facility for literate refugees and literacy programs for illiterates are being conducted with the help of two teaching staff.
Training in agriculture/horticulture, paper cover making, file wrapper, finial making, candle making, animal husbandry, etc. is also being provided in other refugee relief centers.
    About creating awareness among the public:

The Central Relief Committee is an autonomous body under the Social Welfare Department, the Government enacted the Karnataka Prohibition of Begging Acts 1975 with effect from 01-4-1976 and the Karnataka Prohibition of Begging Rules 1975 with effect from 19-6-1976 with the objective of prohibiting begging in the State. brought
Under Section 3 of the Karnataka Prohibition of Begging Act, 1975, begging is a social crime, advertisements in leading newspapers have been issued to create awareness among the public not to encourage begging by giving alms. Through audio media at bus stands of 160 district/taluk centers across the state, in 300 buses of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation & 150 buses of Bangalore City Transport Corporation, by installing advertisement boards about prohibition of begging and in eight trains of Bengaluru-Mysore, Bengaluru-Shivamoga, Bengaluru-Hubli intercity. Promulgated through advertisement about prohibition of begging in Vs. Social welfare department's welfare center is functioning 24/7 for public to complain about beggars, through which beggars free helpline numbers: 10581 and 080-29551580 have been provided to lodge complaints if beggars are found in any part of the state.
Section 3 of the Act prohibits begging in the state of Karnataka. Section 11 (1) of the Act provides that any police officer or officer authorized by the Government may arrest any male beggar above 16 years of age and female beggar above 18 years of age engaged in begging. Those who are begging are arrested and action is taken as per section 11 (3,4,5) and brought before the Taluk Magistrate, if they are confirmed to be beggars, they will be kept under the protection of refugee relief centers for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years as per the orders of the Magistrate. The aim of the organization is to make the state of Karnataka a beggar-free state as per the legislation implemented by the government.

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